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 Charles Hayes

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Charles Hayes

Charles Hayes

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PostSubject: Charles Hayes   Sat May 09, 2015 1:57 pm

Charles Micheal Hayes
James D'Arcy | LAPD | John

ALIAS(ES): Charlie, Mike

   AGE - August 27 1913

   SEXUALITY - Heterosexual

   MARITAL STATUS - Divorced
BIRTH PLACE - Los Angeles

   ETHNICITY - American

   NATIONALITY - American

   OCCUPATION - LAPD Arson Detective

skills, talents, and defining features

Charles is quite intelligent and thus is an excellent investigator for the L.A.P.D. He is also decent with firearms, code cracking, bomb making and other skills which would have been useful for a spy. He was an O.S.S operative during the second world war and obtained most of his training from Camp X.

psychological profile

Charles Micheal Hayes is a polite person whom will rarely raise his voice even when angry. While he does not raise his voice, it does not mean he is timid, he simply prefers to be civilized instead of acting like a thug. Charles believes that as a officer of the law he should put himself to a higher standard instead of lowering the bar to the level of the crooks he fights like most of his colleagues in the department.  

Charles believes in doing whats right, but his work for the L.A.P.D and the O.S.S in the past has made him quite cynical of the world. The things Charles have seen in his world has caused him to gain a quite low opinion of most people in general. Charles tries to see the good in people but all he sees in the worst parts of a person.

When interrogating people, Charles believes in using the carrot instead of the stick. While he is not against using the stick method in interrogation, Charles prefers to use the carrot. Charles has seen enough violence in his life to last more than a lifetime, thus he prefers to avoid violence as much as possible.

There are few things that will cause Charles to react with violence, but hurting children is one of the guaranteed method of enraging him. Charles used to have a son whom was murdered and while the killer was found and punished, his sons body was never recovered.


 Charles Micheal Hayes was born on August 27 1914 in Los Angeles to Philip and Audrey Hayes. Charles didn't get to actually know his father until he was five, the first World War had started when he was still an infant and his father enlisted in the United States Army. Charles relation with his father was rocky, when his father returned from Europe and the war, the war affect his father, it gave his father nightmares and made his father into an alcoholic and morphine addict.

Charles father passed away when he was around ten due to overdosing on morphine. Charles himself was not overly affected by his fathers demise, while he mourned he was not overly sad to see the man go. His father was a alcoholic drug addict whom tended to react to others with extreme violence when talked to while drunk. Charles and his mother were frequent victims of his fathers rage. Charles has gained a new understanding on his father though after recent events and no longer blames his father as much as he did in the past. The things Charles saw in the Second World War have made him think it was no wonder the First World War turned his father into a alcoholic drug addict and it was a miracle he himself did not become one too.

After his father's death, Charles and his mother were cared for by his uncle on his fathers side. His uncle was part of the higher end of society, having connections on both sides of the law. Charles himself did rather well educationally wise, his education was of the higher end kind due to his uncles wealth and connections. Due to his upbringing, Charles is a quite well educated.

After Charles was done with his education, Charles worked for the L.A.P.D, his connections managed to get him promoted to detective rather quickly. While his promotion to detective was due to nepotism, Charles himself proved to be a rather competent detective. Eventually Charles did have a falling out with his uncle whom expected Charles to be on the payroll of the mob, Charles refused and with that he lost all his connections.

Charles married Barbara Wilson on March 8th 1938, and the two had one son together. Their son, Alan, was murdered while Charles was away in Europe during the Second World War and the marriage soon collapsed after that. Charles and his ex-wife are still cordial with each other but both agree that the other will just bring up too many painful memories and have agreed to stay out of each others way, wishing each other the best of luck in the future.

Charles worked as an operative for the Office of Strategic Services during the Second World War. He obtained his training as a spy from Camp X, Canada. After his training was done, Charles was deployed to Europe to gather information for the Allied forces and organize resistance fighters against the Axis regimes.

During the war, Charles saw unspeakable horrors and atrocities, he saw the worst and the best in people during the war. He saw people betraying friends and family for quick cash, he also saw people risking their lives to save strangers. The war has made him quite cynical about people in  general, but it has also shown him that there are good people out there.

Charles himself had to do some morally questionable things during the war. While he does not doubt he was doing what was necessary for the greater good, he still feels terrible about his some of his actions.  Charles himself once had to execute an entire family of French collaborators whom had captured a group of resistance fighters and intended to hand them over to the Germans.

Charles organized a rescue and executed the family for collaborating with the Germans, he could not afford the risk of letting them live and had to send a message that collaborating with the Germans would not be accepted.Charles could not afford to leave any of the family alive, he had to kill the father, the mother, the son and the daughter. The father and son for collaborating with the Germans, and the mother and daughter since leaving them alive would have been too risky.

Soon after this incident, Charles received an letter informing him that his son had gone missing. Charles believed that this was the universe punishing for what he had done. After the war was over, Charles returned to work for the L.A.P.D as a homicide detective, at the same time he poured most of his free time into finding out what happened to his son.

Eventually Charles found out whom kidnapped his son and in a fit of rage murdered the man in cold blood. Due to his rage, Charles never managed to recover where his son's body was buried and he was investigated for the murder. While Charles had fallen out with his uncle a long time ago, his uncle still felt a sense of familial loyalty and managed to get the charges against Charles dropped.

Charles managed to keep his job and his freedom, all his lost from that incident was his marriage and he got demoted to Arson. Charles personally does not mind that all that much since he was tired of looking at corpses, Arson had fewer deaths in it anyways. Charles was tired of death, arson did not guarantee a death every case he worked on.

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PostSubject: Re: Charles Hayes   Sun May 10, 2015 12:08 pm

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Charles Hayes
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