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 Forever After- A OUAT/Narnia RPG (jcink)

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Mary Poppins

PostSubject: Forever After- A OUAT/Narnia RPG (jcink)   Wed Feb 18, 2015 4:47 am

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The battle between good and evil is as everlasting as it is inevitable, the light and dark in a perpetual tussle for superiority in their elegant balance. Across the eons both light and darkness have personified themselves in many forms, such as the Great Lion Aslan, defender of light and creator of Narnia, and Shaitan, bringing of death and the original Dark One, each brought to life by the heroes and villains destined to shape the realms with their will. Rumpelstiltskin, Emma Swan, the evil Queen Regina, Snow White, and countless others - new champions and villains have stepped forward to sway history, while many battles have been fought, lost and won… who will finally win the war?

Forever After is a mature, alternative universe Once Upon A Time role-playing site. With a free-flowing yet chronological timeline, your characters are free to post in their past, their present or even somewhat into their futures. Canons aplenty are available as well as the options to create and adapt original and much loved characters from a variety of sources such as Disney films, fantasy genres and folklore.

These are the pages of your Forever After, and the story is yours to tell.
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Forever After- A OUAT/Narnia RPG (jcink)
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