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 Threefold; A Salem inspired supernatural creatures RPG

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PostSubject: Threefold; A Salem inspired supernatural creatures RPG   Mon Feb 16, 2015 3:44 am

In a time of industry and opulence, it's only natural that the world should open up for the wealthy and driven. The advent of new technology made travel and exploration possible. With its advances came great greed. The King of Arundel commanded his great legion of ships to set sail to the new world. It is there that our story begins; in Kilcullane.

Known for its rich soil and sea access, this small settlement in the new world became the go-to destination for businessmen and commoners alike. There was plenty of land to explore-- plenty of good fortune, fame and infamy for the taking. Little did they know that the soil that they had so brazenly claimed as their own belonged to someone else. Or rather, something else.

The land belonged to the Druids. A race of people who served the old Gods, and oathed to keep the island and its secrets safe from ignorant, prying eyes. In this land the supernatural walk freely among the living. They wear the mask of humanity, while guarding the sinister secret that lurks beneath. They are creatures of myth and legend, who've grown tired of the endlessness of Otherworld, and seek the satisfaction that can only come from the living realm.

Paranoia has started to blossom among the settlers. With a recent bout of Witch activity, Witch hunts have become more common. Little do they know that they've barely scratched the surface of what lay in wait in Kilcullane...

Threefold is an AU, late 17th century RP. With heavy Salem Witch Trial undertones, this a place where one can expect conflict, and paranoia to run rampant! Threefold is not a place for the faint of heart.

We are a brand new RP, who have no word count, and a freeform application. We are LBGTQI+ friendly! Despite our site's darker theme, the community is quite warm and inviting!

We are a small community, having just opened up! We look forward to meeting you!

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Threefold; A Salem inspired supernatural creatures RPG
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